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Private River Experiences

Moenkopi is a Hopi word meaning place of flowing water. In the desert especially, these places are sacred. The opportunity to experience time away from our busy lives and feel the peace afforded by wilderness and water is one of the greatest gifts we can receive.

For the staff at Moenkopi, our passion for rivers carries over into a desire to help others with their own experiences on the water. Whether we are assisting you with a full Grand Canyon river trip or just a leisurely float down a day section, we’d like to make the whole process as easy as possible. Your time on the river shouldn’t be spent recouping from all the stress of trying to get there! We have many great offerings. Grand Canyon Boat Rental.

At Moenkopi Riverworks, the leader in Grand Canyon River Rentals, we understand what a daunting task planning a river trip can be and we have invested our lives to assist in the process. We invite you to lean on our experience and let us walk you through what needs doing. With all the pieces and parts required to put a trip on the water, why not hand it off to experienced, logistical experts who have been doing this work for years? As your Grand Canyon Outfitter, we’ll be with you every step of the way, and you can’t put a value on the peace of mind you’ll get from that. (QUOTE)

“The Moenkopi staff at the derig were there early and were very helpful throughout the process.”


Moenkopi is a small business that specializes in great gear and service. All Moenkopi employees are private boaters. Just like you, we love to run rivers with our friends and explore new places. Throughout the last 30 years we have enjoyed expeditions to Ecuador, Guatemala, Costa Rica to the Himalayas, Mexico, and Alaska. Every trip and every client we seek out information to further improve our understanding and love for the outdoors. If you have been with Moenkopi before you know we will go the extra mile to make your trip the trip of a lifetime. If you have not just ask around, We Love what we do.

One of the most recommended services we offer is the Door to Door Service with the Grand Canyon Riverhouse. And the Riverhouse is a 7 bedroom vacation rental that we have secured for our clients before and after their trip. If our clients find the Riverhouse in Flagstaff convenient they can secure it with MOE, and MOE will drop all of the subsidiary gear like dry bags, ammo cans, etc., on location for arrival of the River Party. No other outfitter does this. With our Door to Door service, you’ll be assisted by staff throughout your rig day. Additionally, you’ll have your rig night’s camp set up and an equipment orientation. The next morning, we’ll cook breakfast with you, insure your check out with the ranger goes smoothly, and make sure you have access to any additional gear you may need .As a final service, we are able to return any extraneous gear to Flagstaff for your return 🙂 Door to Door.

There is a wealth of information on your login page. Between that and the phone/email points of contact, I don’t know what more you could do. Thumbs up!
– Moenkopi Client -November 2015

If you can give us a rough sketch of your needs using the online trip planning form (Estimate page), we’ll return to you a more detailed estimate. From there, it’s simply a matter of putting 10% down, either by reserving and paying for nights at the Riverhouse, calling in with a credit card or mailing a check, or paying through PayPal.


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Door To Door

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