Transportation and Shuttles

Moenkopi makes getting to and from the river easy and affordable. We have a shuttle van that can accommodate your whole trip and there is no charge for storing personal vehicles with us while you’re on the river. If logistic needs require your vehicles to be waiting at your take out, we’ll work with River Runner Shuttle Service in Meadview to make that very affordable, as well.

The Gear Shuttle:
Our gear shuttle is a low mileage Ford F550 stake bed with a 24 foot trailer giving us 36 feet of cargo space. With five seats available to our clients, your crew can really stretch out. If the boatmen want to leave early and get up to the Ferry while it’s cool, it’s no problem. Another advantage of the stake bed and trailer setup is the ability to load a trip from all sides. This makes rigging and derigging super-efficient so you can be on your way.

The 16 person shuttle:
For our 16 person groups we have a large spacious van. All of our vehicles are driven by service oriented drivers that work with you to load and unload quickly. This ensures that during the shuttle portion of your trip, your group will be safe and comfortable.


That is best. We can shuttle your vehicle back to Pearce or Diamond for you so you can be on your way.

*** If your group is primarily coming from the west or northwest, ask us about our Pearce Ferry to Lee’s Shuttle. Depending on the amount of gear you bring, we can pick your group up at Pearce Ferry. When you finish your trip your car will be waiting for you.

****Diamond Creek is the first option to take out, and it will cost approximately $65/person. If you’re taking out between July and September, add the risk of monsoon floods at the take out to this choice. The other option is 54 miles downstream. You need not add any days to run to Pearce but a lot of people do. Run the next ten miles of rapids past Diamond Creek, tie the boats together and float the last quiet stretch through the night. Ask more

Moenkopi Vehicle Shuttles
Gear Shuttle for all river equipment – $675.00
People Shuttle (19 people max) – $675.00

Personal Vehicle Shuttles
Personal Vehicle – $225.00
Personal Vehicle w/ Trailer – $275.00
**Shuttle Prices are per day of driving**


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