Rental Kayaks

Moenkopi Riverworks is thrilled to offer you the largest variety of hard-shell and inflatable kayaks in Grand Canyon. Whether you are looking for a play boat to surf and get vertical or a self-support expedition kayak with all the necessary outfitting, we have you covered!

Now Featuring:

Expedition Boats: 

Downriver Play Boats:

Creek Boats:

Play Boats:


**All rental Kayaks come with float bags.
Bent-shaft and Straight Whitewater paddles, skirts and helmets are available at additional cost.**

Kayak Rental Prices

Expedition Kayaks – $20/Day
Hard-shell Kayaks – $15/Day
Inflatable Kayaks (single) – $15/Day
Inflatable Kayaks (double) – $20/Day
Spray Skirt – $5/Day
Paddle – $5/Day
Helmet – $1/Day


We use only the
freshest ingredients
for your trip!

Door To Door

Our Door to Door
Deluxe Service is our
painless, fully
outfitted, everything
and then some, way
to do a river trip.