Food Pack

With any multiday expedition, the food can be the most difficult and time consuming aspect. It’s a lot to take on for any one person, and generally requires lots of experience to do it well. When you choose Moenkopi, this process can be as easy as working with our menu planner, painting a basic picture of your needs and preferences, and leaving the rest to us. We’ll build your menu, you can approve it or edit it, and we’ll get to work on putting it together for your trip. We hold quality in the highest regard and with this being a trip of a lifetime, we want to make sure your meals make it even more so.

By choosing Moenkopi, you’ve signed up for the most effective food pack on the river. That’s because of our unique cooler freezing system that makes the best use of your space. We don’t mess around with blocks of ice that don’t last very long on a hot trip. Instead, we freeze ice into a solid block in your cooler that allows you to keep your food fresh to the takeout. It takes a tremendous effort on our end, but this is the extra mile on which Moenkopi has built our reputation.


Preset menu options are already provided in the filesharing program for an easy menu process. Pick any menu and change it if you’d like. Build your menu from scratch with our blank menu plan allowing you to choose breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner options. There are over 100 menu options to choose from. Custom menus can be built on request. Please note custom fees apply beyond established limits.

When you get our file sharing forms, you’ll be able to question those in your group individually and each person will have a chance to weigh in with their preferences. The acting trip leader or point of contact for food from your trip will provide us with a summary for the group. We can accommodate vegetarians, pescatarians, gluten-free needs, etc, without changing the menu for everyone else. Depending on the needs to be met, a small surcharge may be added to your invoice.

We are able to accommodate Vegetarian, Vegan, Pescatarian, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Low Carb, Egg Intolerant and various other dietary concerns. Depending on these concerns, we generally supply a menu for the entire group and then simply provide necessary options either in food boxes or frozen in protein alternatives alongside the main meat for each meal.

Historically these requests have been the most difficult to fulfull for a number of reasons. As a result, Moenkopi will only food pack for folks renting a minimum 3 boats.

For estimates on a food pack, please submit an estimate or give us a call!

Typically, lettuce and leafy greens will last up to 8 days in the Summer and 13 days during the Winter. Vegetables should last the length of the trip if coolers are properly maintained.


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