Door to Door

Our Door to Door deluxe service is the trouble-free, fully outfitted, everything-and-then-some package that we suggest for your Grand Canyon trip. We understand how difficult logistics for multiday expeditions can be, so we have created this package to eliminate the stress and allow you to focus on enjoying the experience. Moenkopi will provide all the equipment you need for your trip, shuttle you and any vehicles to and from the river, plan and pack all food for your trip, and help facilitate a painless rig and derig all at unbeatable rates. You’ll be amazed at how easy and fun it is!


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The Door to Door is the ultimate, full package Grand Canyon setup. We provide the fully rigged boats, First aid and emergency equipment, satellite phone, kitchen, food, groovers, as well as transportation to and from the river. When you book a Door to Door trip, we throw in LOTS of free items that make for a successful trip:

Each person will receive one 70L dry bag and one PFD + spares.

We also throw in a parawing shade, firewood in winter, umbrellas in summer, a Z drag rescue kit, a free “toy” (ducky, sup, or mini me).

Additionally, with this package, a Moenkopi driver will stay at Lees Ferry overnight to help facilitate the rig and ranger check in. After an easy and painless rig, our driver will get you settled in at camp and educate the group on the equipment provided and provide answers to any questions and lots of helpful tips and tricks. The next day, you will see it all come together with a prepared hot breakfast and final orientation from the NPS Rangers. Once you’ve got the boats rigged and ready for launch, you’ll have the opportunity to send any extraneous gear back with our driver where it will be waiting for you at the end. Convenient and easy!

We can accommodate a trip of mixed gear. If you have some of your own gear like first aid or satellite phone, we are happy to eliminate such items from the overall cost. Dry bags and PFDs that are already included with the Door to Door package are not available to be discounted from overall cost.

We do feel that we have the most comprehensive, intuitive, user-friendly system on the river, and for that reason, we do have a minimum rental required to qualify for the free Door to Door items. To qualify for the Door to door, your trip must include at least:

  • Boats (3 boats for up to 8 people, at least 4 for 9 or more people)
  • Kitchen
  • Food
  • Shuttles

If you want to make it more of a hybrid trip by utilizing some of your gear and some of ours, you can still get the Door to Door items for an additional $500.

With all that is included, from food to gear to transportation, and depending on add-ons the Door to Door is typically comes to $50-% per person per day.

With everything included, this package can sometimes have folks breaking open the piggy bank to make ends meet. Fortunately there are ways to help make this trip a bit less expensive. Having some of the larger gear items or packing your own food are a few ways to help bring the cost down, however where you take out can also dictate the overall cost. By electing to continue past Diamond Creek and take out at Pearce Ferry, you can avoid Hualapai fees and save $1280 (for a 16 person trip). Additionally, by securing your trip 6 months in advance gets you a discount!

Lodging is not included with the package, however, Moenkopi will provide our River House at a very affordable rate if available. The River House is an excellent choice, before and after your trip, as it provides a place for the whole group to stay with a large garage and lots of yard space to space out gear and get organized.


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Door To Door

Our Door to Door
Deluxe Service is our
painless, fully
outfitted, everything
and then some, way
to do a river trip.