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"We decided to use Moenkopi Riverworks to support our 21 day trip down the Grand Canyon this April, and we are very glad we did. During trip preparation, they were consistently helpful and willing to customize their service as much as possible to meet our specific needs. On rig day and put-in day, they stayed with us to ensure the rafts were rigged correctly, to show us how to use all the group gear, and to provide pointers and answer any questions on running the river or rowing the rafts. They also performed the shuttles on time and in an efficient manner. At no point did we feel we were being rushed to put in or take out. Perhaps the best thing of all, it seemed at times they were as excited about our trip as we were. If I ever lead another private trip on the Grand Canyon, I will certainly use Moenkopi Riverworks."

Harry House
Grand Canyon Trip Leader
April 2-22, 2007

I can vouch for Moenkopi Riverworks. You may remember that I solicited recommendations several months ago regarding the major support outfitters as well as any others out there. I got several good recommendations for Canyon REO and was also told that PRO did a good job as well. I checked out those two as well as Moenkopi and another smaller outfitter. Both PRO and REO were very professional and I felt good that they would give me good service. I selected Moenkopi not solely on price, although Moe's prices were very good. In speaking with Brady Black I just felt that he was going to be very flexible and helpful for our trip, which was especially useful since it was my first trip down the GC (we had 16 people and only two had gone before, once each).

Brady gave us a lot of good info leading up to the trip, helped us coordinate a drop off/pick up at Phantom, and gave us some good tips regarding camping below diamond.

Brady and his guys were great at rigging, had dinner with us the night before launch, and made sure we were ready to go on Day 1. He even hiked down to Phantom with our 2nd halfer and hiked out with our first halfer...AND brought us extra eggs! Now I wouldn't expect you'd get THAT extra effort during the summer, afterall our launch was March 1st and I'm sure Brady wasn't as busy in early March. But it does underscore the fact that Brady will go the extra mile when he can. Moe also towed us out the last 5 miles or so to Pierce Ferry and did our vehicle shuttle (including storing the vehicles). I strongly recommend considering Moenkopi Riverworks if you are looking for outfitter support for your trip.

John Lane
March 2007


Dear Brady,

I would like to personally thank you for making our Grand Canyon experience a memorable one this past June. The planning and preparation prior to our departure was extremely painless and having you purchase and pack all the food was money well spent. You provided only the necessary equipment and services needed and did so at a very competitive price. Once on the water it was smooth sailing as they say for the entire 16 days .We were equally impressed with your early arrival at both Lee's Ferry and the take out at Diamond Creek. You and your equipment are first class. We look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Feel free to use me as a reference. I can be reached at 800-898-4535 or Email.

Chris Lewis



I just wanted to drop you a line to comment on our trip from July 14-31.  Mike had planned for a number of years, to rent our raft setups for this trip and save us a load of logistical problems of transport, shuttle and having the right size stuff.  It seemed like a good way to go and now I totally agree.  I have to say that I am very happy that we were able to find you, and that our trip experience was the best with your equipment and personal attention.

I am still amazed at the time that you put in with our group, from rigging, camping out and running to Page to complete our coolers and food.  The equipment that we used was unfamiliar and we all questioned the oar configuration, but your system setup made sense and was quick and easy to unpack and rig on a daily basis.  We have never had such an easy time throwing up camps or hitting the river early like we did on this trip.  After a little familiarization, the oars worked out great, and I heard from the passengers that they flexed to the maximum in the big water.  I was worried about rowing that 18' tank, but in the biggest waves it felt stable and was pretty forgiving even when I didn't line up straight or get where I needed to sometimes.  In the end, I am really happy with the care that you have put into choosing this equipment and for the hard work that you did for our trip.  It was fun hanging out with you and if there is ever a time when I can put in a good word for you guys, you can be sure that I will.  I probably have some photos to follow as your boats were almost always in the picture.

Thanks for a great trip!

Alan Barry
Avon, CO
Boatman's Mail... Phantom Ranch... po box 1266,
Grand Canyon


"Brady and the Moenkopi team were generous, enthusiastic, and fun to work with.  They made it easy for our private group to travel from the Pacific Northwest and feel at home in the high-quality gear, and in the good company.  We'll be back!"
Lori Maddox and David Atkin


I recently completed a three week rafting trip in the Grand Canyon.  Brady, Marilyn and everyone at Moenkopi made the trip a great success.  Brady anticipated every need we would have for gear and outfitted us with the best equipment.  Marilyn took care of us on the food side making sure we not only had tasty food (steak, salmon, chicken, fruit, vegetables, granola, eggs, hummus, BBQ ribs, pastas, fajitas, and on and on ) but loads of it.  Thanks to everyone on your team, Brady.  You guys did a fantastic job!

I asked Jan about doing the short trip from Diamond to Pierce Ferry when we come through next summer and she said she was into it.  Five days would be perfect.  I'll give you a shout before we head out that way.

Ken Tolces


Even though Brady Black did not go down the river with us, he was a significant part of our trip. From the time we first asked for an estimate for gear rental in late April until we launched in September, Brady was always ready and willing to answer questions, and to provide "what-if" estimates.

He always got back to us in a timely manner and was as friendly and easy to talk to on the phone as he later turned out to be both at Lee's Ferry and at Diamond Creek. We rented three 18 foot Maravias, fully outfitted and rigged, as well as all the kitchen gear, a complete food buy including packing for eleven people for 23 days and shitter cleaning and disposal service.

When one of our crew was injured at Vesey's (requiring a helicopter evacuation) and her significant other walked out at South Canyon to join her at the Flagstaff hospital, Brady was available and willing to change our take-out from Pierce Ferry to Diamond Creek. His wife took care of Anne in the Flagstaff hospital after she was operated on and later during her initial recovery from the operation.

It felt like he was one of us and with us every step of the way.



I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you all on this, as I'm sure it has weighed heavily on your minds (as it has mine). Whatever became of that order of Peet's delicious, rich coffee??!?

Well, I got out my invoice and called the friendly folks at Peet's and they had no record of said order. "But I have a copy of it in my hand!" I protested. Apparently, I missed the final step - I failed to hit "SEND". My order is still in my shopping basket on the computer, but was never released through the internet to Peet's, hence never mailed to Moenkopi. Damnit! My bad! Thank God Moenkopi provides tasty Java! NEXT time I'll get it right.

Let me add my enormous thanks to Moenkopi for EVERY little wonderful thing you did for each of us on this trip. It was so easy with your outfitting help, not to mention your good spirit and sense of humor and your utterly delightful company! I hope I haven't seen/heard the last of you, Brady + Marilyn. Please know that you have friends in Seattle (and Alaska) if you are ever up this way.

Take care and keep in touch!

MessageFor anyone out there considering rental equipment or any other support services including meals please consider contacting Brady Black before you make any finale decision on a provider. He is for real!

Marty Wilson


Hi Marty:

Knowing you are an active member of the Grand Canyon Private Boaters Association, I thought you might have an interest in this story and perhaps request that it be posted on the GCPBA website.

I recently returned from a 24 day, private trip down the Colorado. On day three (a Friday), in 24.5 Mile Rapid, I bent my left oar stand somehow. I wasn't carrying a spare. While I hoped it would suffice to get me to Phantom Ranch, I wasn't willing to go beyond that point with a damaged oar stand. I used a satellite phone to leave a message on my home answering machine, hoping my wife would be able to get a replacement oar stand to me at Phantom Ranch. I had no idea how she was likely to manage that. Two days later (Sunday) I was able to contact my wife and confirm she had received my message. She said she would be Fed Ex'ing replacement stands to Flagstaff the next day, Monday. She was going to send them to Brady Black, the owner of Moenkopi Riverworks, a local Flagstaff area river outfitter. Brady was providing the shuttle service, toilet rental and motorized push out to Pierce Ferry on Lake Mead&nb sp;to our group. When my wife asked Brady who she should contact to get the oar stands to Phantom Ranch, Brady volunteered to hike them down himself. Thus, at 10 AM on the following Thursday, I met Brady Black at the boat beach at Phantom Ranch. He had not one but four replacement oar stands (my wife wasn't leaving anything to chance and ordered stands from two different vendors in Idaho). We switched out the damaged stand (Brady also brought nuts, bolts, and wrenches just in case) and hauled Brady down the river a couple of miles to catch the trail back to the south rim. He called my wife at 5 PM to say that the damaged stand had been replaced and that he was back out of the canyon.

The point of this story is to illustrate what a prince of a fellow Brady Black is and what superlative service he provides to his customers. I would recommend Brady Black and Moenkopi Riverworks without hesitation to anyone planning a Colorado River trip regardless of the level of service(s) they might be seeking. In my experience, Brady Black does it all; he does it with a smile; and he does it at prices that are highly competitive with other vendors. You couldn't hope to meet a more personable fellow. Check out his website at Moenkopiriverworks.com or call him at 928-856-0012.

Best Regards,

Steve Brutscher